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FAAKHIR He 'came', he 'saw', sang, composed, wrote, performed and he 'conquered'. In less then 10 year Faakhir has grown an artist par excellence with a fan following that many; Faakhir's music is as good as his looks, if not better. Today, Faakhir's name is synonymous with mesmerizing melodies, soulful voice and harmonies that sets that heart on fire. His road to success and stardom is not a cliched rags to riches story for each step toward his claim to fame is full to tales that could make an inspirational novel. That's Faakhir, up close and personal. From enjoying workouts to working out on projects, from camping to campaigning, from charity derives to drive that gets him going. A true multi-faceted composer, lyricist and singer, who always finds time to smell the flowers and appreciate life that surrounds his world. 'Music cannot be explained or defined. It must be heard and felt' -Faakhir A very vibrant, fun-loving person, he takes his music seriously and progressively, little wonder why critics call him, Pakistan's latest Pop Sensation', and not without sue reason. For behind every accolade to his credit, there is al lot of dedication, hard work and an affaire de Coeur with music. Carrying with him a rucksack of ideas, Faakhir is always looking for modern genre of music that reflects his idea and artistic expression. Listening to his work, one immediately finds a connection that is built on tradition and derived from human endeavor to discover. In essence his work is a rendition inspired from life itself. And what better way to describe his music then to say it is 'full of life'. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Faakhir, a cr'me de la cr'me of Pakistan Pop music who gives equal importance to being alive as a person as much as he would as a professional. 'The brain behind supergroup Awaz makes his comeback' Emag June 29,2001 Early days in music Faakhir, the keyboard whiz, stepped into music at the age of seven, when he took up the harmonica. Being an electrical engineer, his fascination for electronic gadgets got him to set up a studio in Karachi. He is blessed with a naturally tuneful voice and is an exceptional composer. Date of Birth 20th April


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Artist - Faakhir
Company:- OSA
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Sub Tun Sohniyeh
Sub Tun Sohniyeh
Artist - Faakhir
Company:- OSA
CD : £ 7.00  Add Sub Tun Sohniyeh to Your Shopping Cart 
Artist - Faakhir
Company:- OSA
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